Did Grammaropolis really come from classroom lesson plans?

A:Indeed, it did. Back when the Mayor was teaching 7th grade Grammar and Writing, he developed the idea of personified parts of speech to help address the different learning styles in his class. Here is the assignment that started it all.

What Are the Minimum Tech Requirements for Grammaropolis?

Grammaropolis contains videos, books, and related fanciness. You'll need a modern browser to ensure that you have the best personified-parts-of-speech experience possible. Flash is required for the games section of the site.

May we suggest these browsers:

At the very least you'll need Internet Explorer 8.

Is anything on the site free?

Yep! The noun neighborhood is fully functional. You can read the book, watch the videos, and take all the quizzes. The music videos and information pages for all parts of speech are free as well.

How does the site license work?

A:We offer three different levels of yearly site license: Classroom, School, and District.

We can provide instant access to a Classroom account for one teacher with up to 200 students. You may sign up for a single teacher license here.

Here's how the school account works:

  1. We create a school admin account, from which you would add teachers, each of whom would then receive an admin login email.
  2. Each teacher then adds his/her own students.
  3. The students are then able to log in with an auto-generated username and password. They can log in from anywhere (at home or at school) and the website will track their progress. 

Request a quote for a District or School license here.

Do you offer a free trial?

For the instant access teacher accounts, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. For the district and school licenses, we would be happy to offer a trial. Please fill out your request here.

Is Grammaropolis available for tablets?

You bet! The award-winning mobile app version of Grammaropolis is available on both iOS and Android.

Our first iPhone App, the Top Ten bestselling “Word Sort by Grammaropolis” is also available in the App Store.

If your school participates in Apple’s Volume Purchase Program for educational institutions, you will receive 50% off with the purchase of 20 or more copies of Word Sort or Grammaropolis – Complete Edition.

What is the difference between the website and the app?

All the content from the website – except for the games section – is available with the Complete Edition app. The main difference is with the functionality of the tracking. The website license offers a teacher dashboard along with individual student logins that enable students to sign in from any web-enabled device. The Complete Edition app does not have access to a teacher dashboard; rather, it stores tracking information for an individual user on the device, which can be reset at any time.

How can I pay?

You may pay by check or by credit card. Grammaropolis accepts MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diners Club cards.

What happens if my students start correcting my grammar?

Jump for joy! A grammar-correcting adult can be annoying; a grammar-correcting child is a thing of beauty.

I love the characters. Do you have any toys?

Not yet (sadly). Currently, you can browse our shop for books, CD, and t-shirt designs.

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